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Phekda - The Heart of the Waste

The City of Phekda is a mining colony built at the base, inside and beneath a vast meteorite that protrudes from the wide flat desert crater in which it sits.
The rock itself is called Phedra (from heart, glow), whilst the city is Phekda (from heart, break or fissure, from Keda, “fissure/wound”).
The one side of the city and most of the rock sits over a series of volcanic pools and fissures, that not only give Phekda its distinctive overpowering heat and sulphurous street level smell, but also provides energy for its various industries. Some of which are driven by updraft powered windmill like devices that are hung over the edge of the volcanic pits.

[inspired by a screen grab I took - from FB, maybe? - that had a click through article about the true scale of things, which had a meteor or some large rock placed near a modern city to show its size]